Let Sorelle Interior Style create the home that’s perfectly you.

“This room needs a refresh! Should I change the furniture arrangement? Maybe the walls need some artistic flair?”

“I know what décor I like, but how do I display it?”

“I don’t have a huge budget to redesign my home interior. How can I make the most of my existing pieces?”

At Sorelle Interior Style, we hear these sentiments all the time. People want to love their homes, but often, they just don’t know how to get the look they want. Or they simply don’t have the time to pull their interior style out of a décor rut.

That’s where we come in. We bring a fresh perspective to tired spaces through thoughtful collaboration and loads of inspiration. Let us give your interior style an injection of creativity that doesn’t break the budget. We can rearrange your existing decor into a refreshed look and have you and your guests seeing your home in a whole new light.


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Sorelle Customer Testimonials


How many times have we heard that said on television decorating shows? That is exactly my first thought after Joan and Kathi have been to my home to decorate.

They are able to make changes and freshen my home with the things I already have, saving me hundreds of dollars in new merchandise. Each season, I have them come to change the look of different rooms.  I have been using their services for several years and am constantly surprised how they use my things in totally different ways each time!!

I look forward to not only seeing what they can do but visiting with them as they work! I am so appreciative of their gift to create new spaces for my family and me!


What?!! Is this really my house?

Wendy Neihart

I was overwhelmed and had no ability to see beyond hundreds of boxes.  I had a couple flat rate consultations with interior designers but those were not helpful.  They suggested I get rid of most and start new so I had one consistent look.  My stuff was family stuff with decades of memories and feelings.  Decades of travel and beautiful antiques and art.  I was so overwhelmed and at a loss of what to do.  A friend of mine, Jane, suggested calling a friend of hers that was doing some interior design work. I called not expecting anything different.  Kathi and Joan came over within a few days for a consult. They assured me that most if not all of my things would be great in my new home. Over the next few weeks they worked room by room to develop a look that was unique in each room.  They always shared what they had thought up for that room and had me check several times during their room remodel to make sure I liked it.  I ALWAYS did…not once did I not like.  EVERY time I have someone over, they comment on how they love how it is decorated. Every single time. The best!  Thanks so much Joan and Kathi!

Everyone loves how my home is decorated!

Bickell Lund

I have used Kathi and Joan for several rooms in my house.  They have helped with something as small as a cushion for a cubby bench or larger projects like a gallery wall for our old family photos. They give honest and practical advice and do a great job of matching my style!

Honest and practical advice

Kimberly Levitan

I hosted a party for about 40 people a few years ago and wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the arrangement of decor in my house. Joan and Kathi came over one day, and in about an hour or so, walked around the rooms of my house, started gathering pieces from all over, and thoroughly rearranged small pieces and decorative items into a much more attractive and eye-catching way. I was incredibly pleased with how their 3rd party, outside perspective took the things I looked at everyday and gave my interior a new, fresh look.

Attractive and eye-catching work

Laura Cribb