About Us

Sorelle Interior Style grew organically … a natural offshoot of what started as a dear friendship and a connection as moms, entrepreneurs and kindred spirits sharing a love of home and beautiful surroundings.

Now, it’s become a sisterhood, really. We look like we could be sisters, we certainly act like we are, and we rarely miss a day without a phone call to each other. So the business name Sorelle—Italian for “sisters”—seemed like a perfect fit.

Kathi and Joan

Friends would come to our homes and say:

  • “Your home is so comfortable.”
  • “Your home just feels good.”
  • “How do you pull it all together?”
  • ”What designer did your décor?”
  • ”Can you help me?!?!”

That’s when we knew we had a mutual talent that we wanted to share with others. It was the start of turning our passion into a partnership. And, the rest, as they say, is history.

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