Our Philosophy

Your home should be a meaningful space for you personally, as well as for sharing with family and friends. A setting that, when you look around, both exudes joy and inspires tranquility. Sometimes a fresh and updated perspective is all you need. We can help you love your home again.

We have worked with it all—from classic to modern, shabby chic to traditional, antiques to contemporary, and more. We pride ourselves on being creative problem-solvers and on tailoring our work to meet the needs of each client’s individual style and space.

Kathi and Joan

Our goal is to use as many of your existing home elements as possible. We move things around, pull things out of storage and “borrow” from other rooms to infuse energy into any space and shine a new light on your décor.

At the outset of every project, we talk in-depth with our clients to find out their wants and needs … the scope of the work, what they like and dislike about their space, how they use their space and what they want to achieve. This helps us build a plan and estimate the associated time and cost requirements.