Pattern & Texture over color

August 16, 2016

I tried to jump into the color pool by redoing my living room in color. After living in whites, browns and beige for so long I thought for sure I could do it. But I confess, I could not. I love decorating clients homes in color. I love to walk into a house that is full of color. But I’ve realized, that I’m more of a pattern & texture girl. I’ve always loved mixing patterns, the more the better. There is a knack to it, scale of pattern is the key. Texture is also becoming a favorite of mine. Shaggy or popcorn ball pillows, macrame hangers for my plants, a well worn kilim pillow or rug. Soft muted colors seem to be my go to.
I finally popped into a shop, that a friend recommended, last week. Golden and Pine @ 63rd & Holmes. They feature handcrafted artisan finds for your home and garden. I was in heaven shopping this tiny, but filled with beautiful finds, store. Lots of pattern, lots of texture, handmades, and the store owner …. well, I could have chatted with her all day! These photos are from Golden and Pine. Please check them out next time you need something artisan, casual, modern, or if you’re like me and looking for pattern and texture. Golden and Pine, one of my new local favorites! I hope it becomes yours too.


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