Pick what you love

June 2, 2016

Many clients ask how to get started in designing a room. Some get caught up with a “style”, some have an inspiration rug, and some just can’t make any kind of a commitment. When it comes to designing rooms in MY house, I just pick what I love and the rest follows. I fell in love with this patterned fabric. My current decor has very little color. This is a big step for me, but I love it. I’m taking a leap off the no color diving board and planning to swim in color. That dark color on the paint card? Is going to be used for 12″ stripes on my newly painted white walls. I liked the white walls for a few weeks, and now I can visualize big stripes. What “style” is it? It’s just love! It’s your house. Live with what you love and your home will be perfectly you.
Ciao, Kathi